USCP 1/24 Volvo 240 Early Type Grill (24A075)

This review is dedicated to USCP 1/24 Volvo 240 Early Type Grill (24A075). New release comes as handy upgrade for the recent plastic model from Beemax. I reviewed kit as well, you can find it on this website. While plastic copies the late version, new upgrade will let you replicate the version with round headlights. This is something I discovered during the video-review as somehow I was sure that early version was also replicated in plastic. Packaging is typical here, so everything comes in a plastic bag. Let's open it and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with another set from the same brand.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

First let's take a look at overall package - here you can see all parts which come in the same plastic bag.

First comes the grill with headlamp cases. Basically it is a whole front mask which can be installed on your Volvo model. I like how thin are the tabs on this part, looks very impressive in person.

Clear parts also look great. All reflector areas are nicely replicated, so it is just a matter of careful installation on the model.

Just to give you a glimpse of original plastic part, here is the front mask from the kit. As you can see, the tabs are a bit thicker. Lower photo shows clear parts which are quite okay.

New upgrade set might look simple, but it actually gives you a nice opportunity to build something different. Just by using those parts you will be able to replicate early version of the Volvo coupe, what might be handy for some project ideas. Overall quality looks great out of the box, so you don't have to worry about any issues. Note that there are also some other upgrades available for the same model, and I will check them too.

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