Hobby Design 1/24 Fiat 500 Upgrade Set (HD02-0462)

This time I will tell you more about Hobby Design 1/24 Fiat 500 Upgrade Set (HD02-0462). As you remember, original plastic from Tamiya is not that new even though it was reissued recently. Well, now we have a chance to add more features with help of today's set. Biggest share will go inside the car, but it still should be visible and we will check it in the article. Packaging is typical for this brand, so all components are closed into one bag.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

First there are several PE frames which carry various elements. For example, the biggest one is notable to window frames and license plates. The smallest one carries parts for mirrors and logo, while the golden one will be useful for seatbelts.

Seatbelt buckles come as separate parts. This element is not copied in the original plastic, so it will definitely come handy in the build.

Here I just wanted to show the section which will have to be replaced with PE part. In my opinion it might be an option just to sand down this area and place metal part on top.

Assembly manual is simple black-and-white brochure, and you can see all steps on both photos.

As you can notice on the pages, some of the steps will require certain experience from you. Be ready to work with tiny parts and also modify original plastic. Nevertheless, the final result should be worth it as all those changes will be noticeable on the finished build. This is definitely not a beginners' set, but with some skills you can get quite cool result. Note that some of the features are better copied by USCP kit, so it might be a good idea to combine both in one build.

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