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Border Model 1/72 Tiger I Early (TK7203) Build-Review

This time I will tell you more about assembly of Tiger I kit from Border Model. I reviewed kit some time ago, so it was interesting to see how it builds together and if there are any issues. As usual everything was "documented" in form of photos and video-report. So let's start from the first steps.
By the way, here you can read review with this model kit.
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Take a look at this video-report where I show even more things involved with assembly.

Everything starts with lower hull section which is molded as on-piece element.

Such design will help you get the right alignment without any additional actions.

Assembly manual is a bit tricky to understand in some places, so pay attention to how the roadwheels should be installed.

I made small mistake on one side and had to remake everything.

Nevertheless, design is quite smart here, so the whole assembly is quite quick.

Tracks sag should be replicated with help of several plastic tabs which you should break away from the sprues.

This process is a bit more tedious in comparison with wheels. Be patient and you will get a nice result here.

For me it is impressive that all those details are preserved in such tiny size.

Turret has separate hatches, but there is nothing to expose inside. It could be cool to get at least some features in the turret.

For the camouflage I decided to pick a winter version.

Tank was painted in two layers - one with standard sand color and another with washable white.

Of course, all details were picked with help of sharp brush.

Final result can be seen on the following photos.

I wouldn't say this was too easy thing to work on, but it is still nice if you have some experience with such builds.

I also like attention to small details, which is rather impressive in this size.

Some bigger models have less features copied, and this is very cool to see in person.

Such model might 


  • Nice fitment
  • Great details
  • Easy assembly


  • Tracks assembly might be too cumbersome in this scale
  • Strange not fitting metal barrel

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