Zvezda 1/72 KAMAZ Master (5076) Build-Review

This article will tell you more about build project with small KAMAZ. Racing truck topic sounds interesting for me, but somehow I didn't want to work with big scale offering. Well, now there is a chance to build a smaller copy, and this is more interesting for me. Of course, on the final photo you can see the result, but in the video and in this article I will show you more. Let's start with the first frame which is needed for first steps.
By the way, here you can read review with the plastic kit and check all frames.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

First frame carries the engine and rear chassis section. Nevertheless, everything starts with suspension assembly.

Here you can see the chassis assembled with additional parts and the engine beside it. It is possible to invest more time into painting, but keep in mind that some of those won't be visible on finished model.

Whole chassis is painted into dark blue, and then some elements should be picked up with brush or masking. Note that engine is installed here.

Here you can see the result of the masking, suspension installation and some of the rear section frame elements installed. Yes, panels inside should be painted in white color.

One of the issues for this kit is that wheels are assembled with vinyl tires. I would recommend to find some resin replacement for a bit more interesting appearance. Spare wheels are packed in the rear section.

One of the features which is omitted in the kit - safety net in the front cab. This is easy to fix with masking tape and black paint. Simple thing, but noticeable even on the finished model.

It is possible to paint front cab panels separately and then assemble together. Note that top frame in blue color should NOT be installed before applying decals!

Here you can see that decal is overlapping with the install points. Well, I had to do some precision cutting with sharp blade.

Here first decals are going on the rear section. By the way, note that all panels are glued together, I would recommend to do some preshading on top canvas section for a bit more convincing look.

Front cab is a bit more involved with decals, so it will be important not to hurry. Here you can see the blue frame already glued back in place. By the way, Zvezda gives wrong painting reference for radiator grille, so check some reference photos.

I didn't use any masks for clear parts because I painted panels separately. Nevertheless, some modelers might try to glue everything together and paint it.

Final step is gluing front cab in place. Yes, this will cover nicely painted engine, and that's why you can spend less time on painting this section.

Final result looks quite impressive for its size. Paint jar is just so that you can understand the scale of this build. :)

In my opinion this small KAMAZ is a really nice thing as long as you are happy to work in 1/72 scale. Some elements are tiny, but it is still easy to install them. Moreover, I think we might see some aftermarket which will bring even more features on this tiny truck. Well, at least resin wheels would be good to have on such truck. I had small difficulties with front mask painting, but in my opinion it is more about getting a bit more steady hand. One more tip I can give you is to prepare some reference photos so that you can paint your model even more precisely in comparison with marking guide provided by Zvezda.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Great fitment
  • Good decals
  • Suitable for any modeler


  • No masks for clear parts
  • Molded in doors
  • No tips for additional features
  • Vinyl tires

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