ICM 1/35 M8A1 US Landing Mat (53200)

This time we are going to talk about ICM 1/35 M8A1 US Landing Mat (53200). As you can guess, new set comes in as handy item for some US helicopter diorama. ICM released several of them, and also some figures, so it was just question of time until we see landing mat as well. Size of this mat assembly will be equal to 210x336 and should be assembled out of 48 parts. Packaging is typical, so all frames come in one bag. Let's open them and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with Cobra helicopter in the same scale.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

All frames inside are of the same type. Those panels are interchangeable, so you can even try to combine two boxes together if necessary. Overall quality looks great, and it might be a great subject for some weathering ideas. Assembly manual is black-and-white and shown below.

New set should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is an interesting thing which might be handy for displaying your assembled helicopter model in 1/35 scale. Whole building process will be relatively easy, but I would recommend to spend some time painting and weathering those parts.
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