Eduard 1/48 A6M2-N Rufe Folding Wingtips PRINT (648848)

Today we have a chance to talk a bit about Eduard 1/48 A6M2-N Rufe Folding Wingtips PRINT (648848). As you can guess from the name, set will be handy for your Japanese aircraft in popular scale. Standard plastic doesn't offer such feature, so new Brassin release will help you copy it. Packaging is typical for this product and all resin parts come in special plastic box. Let's open them and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with Rufe Limited Edition release.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

Those are 3D-printed parts which look great in person. I recommend you to check the video, where I show those even closer. :)

Wingtips come as single-piece elements, so you won't have any ugly gaps or seams in such visible area. Attachment points should be easy to cut through.

PE fret is not that big and features wingroot parts. Assembly manual is typical for Brassin set, and you can also notice two possible assembly ways.

New set should be already available together with aircraft model Rufe in the same scale. In my opinion it is a handy thing to make your build a bit more interesting and detailed. Nevertheless, this is definitely the item which will require some skills as you will have to modify original plastic. Moreover, there are two ways of installing it, so you you should decide on which one suits you the best. :)

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