IBG Models 1/72 Diamond T 968A with Asphalt Tank (72022)

This review is dedicated to IBG Models 1/72 Diamond T 968A with Asphalt Tank (72022). I would like to say that it is quite old article which somehow slipped in our publishing schedule and now finally coming out on the website. Kit is still interesting, so it should be interesting to see what is provided in relatively small box. Moreover, we had the final form of this model, and you will get exactly the same parts.

Watch this video-review where I show all parts closer.

I am glad to find plastic wheels in this kit. Such thing should be easier to work with and the final result would look a bit more convincing.

Rear section should be glued out of several panels. I would recommend to dry-fit first before assembling everything together. Of course, it might be a good idea to replicate some weathering here.

Decals sheet is not big, but includes various symbols for several markings. Assembly manual is typical and you can check all pages in the video.

This small truck should be already available together with other versions. In my opinion it might be a great solo-project, or it can be an interesting thing for diorama in small scale. Overall quality looks fine out of the box, so it is just matter of careful assembly. I think boxart hints on one of the build ideas, but of course you can find more by looking around. :)

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