ICM 1/35 Battle of France Spring 1940 (DS3514)

Today we are going to talk about ICM 1/35 Battle of France Spring 1940 (DS3514). While name might be not that easy to decipher, boxart actually hints that one box will bring you three models in the same scale. Such combo might be useful for diorama projects. There are 158 parts for FCM 36 tank, 147 parts for Panhard 178 armored car and 209 parts for Laffly V15T. It is worth noting that we reviewed those as separate releases, but now they come in one box. Let's open whole package and check everything together.
By the way, here you can read review with another combo-set from ICM.
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We are going to start with Panhard. On the first frame you can see separate panels for the hull.

Next one is also dedicated to external parts. Note that doors are separate and can be opened in your build.

Yes, kit features vinyl tires. Those look ok for the standard bonus, but I would rather search for resin replacement.

Last sprue is the biggest one and carries all parts for the interior, drivetrain and suspension. It is good to see separate hatches on the turret as well.

Next we continue with FCM tank parts. This is relatively new release, so it is great to see it as part of today's combo.

Main hull is separated into several panels which will have to be glued together. Molding quality looks great, but I would pay attention while joining all those things together.

Some of the hatches are premolded, but some still can be opened. There are no figures in today's set, but such feature should be handy if you plan to use some tankmen here.

Yes, we get vinyl tracks in this kit. I would recommend to find aftermarket for a bit more convincing result.

Third model if Laffly V15T which is also a new set in 1/35 scale. Here you can see some of the suspension and drivetrain parts.

Front wheels should be glued out of several parts. Be careful with thin seat back sections as those are molded together with frames.

Note that bonnet panels are molded shut, so you will have to cut them if you want to expose the engine. There are a lot of tiny parts as well.

Yes, those are vinyl tires. They should be ok for standard build, but I would recommend to find some aftermarket replacement.

Last grey plastic frame is dedicated to body panels which should be combined together. Clear frame comes in the separate plastic bag.

On the photo above you can see some of the markings which are included here. Assembly manuals actually come from "solo" releases and should be familiar to some of you.

Today's combo-set looks like a good opportunity for those who somehow missed initial releases of all three models. Of course, you don't have to build them all at once, so it can be considered as efficient purchase. All three look great and should turn into a nice builds in popular scale. The only thing that I can think of adding here - some figures for even more interesting diorama project. Well, you can get them as separate releases from the same brand.
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  • Good molding quality
  • Three kits in one box
  • Good decals


  • Vinyl tires and tracks
  • No figures or stand

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