USCP 1/24 BMW 2002 Bonnet (24A028)

This review is dedicated to USCP 1/24 BMW 2002 Bonnet (24A028). As it is easy to guess from the name, upgrade set will be useful for opening the engine on your model. Well, the engine is not included in standard plastic, but USCP has solution for this as well. Packaging is typical for this brand, and there is only one part inside. Let's open it and take a closer look.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

As it was mentioned above, there is only one part with nice details out of the bag. Note that air vents are not throughout, so it might be a good idea to clear them. Inside you will find nicely replicated inner structure, which is ready for install.

Today's release is very useful for adding more interest to you BMW build. Some modelers try to precisely cut original part, but then you have to copy the inner structure. Nevertheless, it would be cool also to get the hinges for this part. You can try to replicate them with your own tools, but it will take some time for sure. Overall fitment is good with the engine bay from the same brand, so you just need to paint and install all of the parts on your car model.
Get this and other kits on official USCP website.

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