Meng 1/9 BMW R1250GS ADV (MT-005)

This is one of the kits which is an absolute must-have for motorcycle modelers. Today's article is fully dedicated to Meng 1/9 BMW R1250GS ADV (MT-005). New set comes as yet another large scale motorcycle from the famous Chinese brand. I reviewed one of the previous releases, so it is interesting now to see how the new model is copied in plastic. Real bike doesn't need an extra introduction as it is quite famous among bikers. If you are fan of German motorcycles, then you will definitely know this shape and distinct engine profile. Box with the kit is surprisingly large for "just motorcycle model". Let's open it together and take a look in the video-review.
By the way, here you can read review with BMW R Nine T model from the same brand.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

I would like to start with fuel tank panels which are packed into separate plastic bag. As you can see, all of those panels come with high-gloss finish, so you just need to properly paint them.

Boxer engine cylinders are molded as single-piece elements. Those should be easy to install and definitely worth spending time on painting and weathering.

Rear subfame section is molded on the next sprue. It is good to have this part as one-piece, so you will have right alignment straightaway.

Here you can see cylinder covers as well as brake calipers. I like how the brake parts are molded, they definitely deserve a nice paintwork.

In my opinion it is good that Meng provide clear parts already molded in necessary color. You won't have to waste your time with painting those. :)

Main frame bars are also molded in sections. Each will have to be installed from the side of the engine.

Exhaust is quite clunky on this bike in reality, so I wonder if we will see some aftermarket. Note also separate cartridges for the suspension.

Vinyl parts will come handy for legrests and dustcovers.

Wheel rims outer sections are molded on the separate frame. Attachment points are thin, so it won't be difficult to separate those.

Note also attachment points for the spokes.

You can see the separate spokes sections on the next photo. Overall they look fine for this scale, but some modelers might try to replace it with metal wire for even more realistic appearance.

Handlebar is molded together with clamps. Handles and levers are molded separately, of course.

Here you can see on of the controversial parts of the kit - seat panels. From one side I am happy that those are actually plastic and not vinyl. But from another point of view, you will have to work on smooth connection between separate sections.

Note that those are not plain parts and there are some minor features premolded.

Rearview mirrors, brake and clutch levers and some other minor parts can be found on the next sprue. Those look great for the scale, and I don't have anything to add.

Boxer engine should be nicely detailed out of the box. Here you can also see parts for the rear suspension arm and shocks cases.

Surface details are gorgeous here. It is visible that Meng used large scale in order to have more stuff copied out of the box.

Front and rear fenders are molded as one-piece parts and it means even better finish of the assembled model. Note also premolded details on rear mudguard.

Front suspension arm is also one-piece, as well as rear luggage bracket. All engine guards are included out of the box.

Skid plate is also nice and should be visible on the finished motorcycle. Exhaust can is assembled out of several parts.

Here you can see large side fairings which will have to be combined with fuel tank panels we checked in the beginning.

GS logo is premolded on many panels of the real bike. This might be a good opportunity for a bit of customization on your model.

All of the minor bits in this kit are separated in such a way so that you will be able to paint them without masking. In my opinion this is quite clever design.

I like that even radiator grilles are shaped without any help of PE.

Side of the box will tell you a bit of info about real bike as well as dimensions of the finished model.

Clear frame is packed into separate plastic bag and also wrapped into a film. Overall molding quality looks great, but there are no masks included.

In this plastic bag Meng supplies vinyl tires, vinyl cable, metal spring and screwdriver. All of those items look good out of the box.

Brake rotors are copied with thick metal parts. This is really cool, and note that they are perforated out of the box. Don't look at the amount of screws in the bag, you will have to work with those anyway. :D

Special decals include chrome stickers for the rearview mirrors and chrome 3D logos.

Another decals sheet carries stripes for several paint options as well as one type of license plate and instrument panel.

I am not sure what is the value of those history notes on the separate sheets. It would be more useful to get a guide with photos of the real bike. Assembly manual is a small brochure, and you can check all pages in the video-review.

New kit should be already available, and you can get it in a good models shop. It looks cool out of the box, but I am not sure I am entirely convinced by the package. First of all there are less metal parts than it was in R Nine model from the same brand. Second problem is that whole kit copies "old" GS motorcycle and German manufacturer has completely different bike now. There are many owners of this particular type, but I wonder if Meng will go for the new model as well. It would be also good to get some masks for the clear parts, but who knows, maybe we will see some aftermarket soon. :)


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Great decals
  • PE brake rotors


  • Not that many metal parts
  • Luggage is optional
  • No masks for clear parts

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