Begemot Decals 1/48 Ka-52 Part 2 (48-043)

This time I am going to tell you more about Begemot Decals 1/48 Ka-52 Part 2 (48-043). New set comes just in time before fresh release from Zvezda in the same scale. While plastic model will pack few versions, today's set offers way bigger choice and variety. It is worth checking such upgrade closer, so that's why I have it on my table. Overall packaging is typical for this brand, and everything is packed into ziplock bag. Let's open it together and check everything on video first.
By the way, here you can read review with Hind decals in the same scale.
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Watch this video where I show all decals even closer.

Let's start with markings guide which is printed in color. Each option is accompanied with profile picture as well as short description. If you would like to learn more about particular marking - find some reference material in form of real photos.

In total there are whopping 54 markings, so you will definitely find something suitable for your build. Note that even stencils for armament are included here.

All symbols are printed on three decals sheets. First one is dedicated to various letters as well as canopy decals.

All of those are printed in Begemot, so overall quality looks great even on the tiniest ones. There is no segmentation, be careful while cutting out this or that symbol.

As you can see in the video-review, not all markings are very colorful, but there will be some variety. Yes, sharkmouth option is also here.

New release should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great add-on for modelers who don't want to chose something out of the box. Moreover, it looks like you will get a bit more detailed stencils for your build. Overall quality is great here, so it is just a matter of careful application on the model. :)

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