Fore Hobby 1/72 Scimitar Mk.2 Build-Review

This time we are going to talk about build project with small Scimitar kit in 1/72 scale. Somehow this kit made me interested in how it will go together in out of the box project. Well, no time was wasted and here you can see report with the actual result. Straightaway I can say that this plastic kit is recommended to all modelers who are ready to work a bit with tiny parts. Moreover, it definitely requires steady hands, but it is easy to overcome in my opinion. Let's start with the video first.
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Here you can see whole build process in a bit faster way. :)

Build process starts with roadwheels. Those are easy to assemble, surface details look fine out of the box.

Next we continue with top hull section. As you can notice, part comes without external panels, so you will have to add them all.

Here is what you will get after few steps with plastic and PE parts. I have to say that whole design is well-thought and easy to work with thanks to guiding elements.

I like how PE parts are used in this model. They actually add more features, and Fore Hobby definitely used them for fine details, not just for sake of having "multimedia" kit.

I have to admit that tracks assembly is a bit tricky process. Well, in this scale you can't avoid such thing, so at least we have larger lengths molded as single-piece parts.

Here you can take a look at the model ready to be painted. I should also remind you that top hull section is still not glued to the lower one. Fitment is just perfect in this model.

Glue bottles were left intentionally, so that you can see the tiny size of this model. :) On the photos below you can check the final result. I have to say that whole build was quite enjoyable process, and I was happy to actually try this model. As it was mentioned in the beginning, kit might be tricky due to its size, but overall quality is top notch. Moreover, there is still a space for some improvement - for example, antennas can be replaced with thinner ones. It would be also cool to get masks for wheels and headlamps. Well, clear parts would come handy as well. Who knows, maybe we will see those things in the future releases from Fore Hobby. :)

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