Tamiya 1/48 IS-2 Build-Review

Today we are going to talk about small build project I finished recently. My main intention was to "warm up" a bit for building again, so I decided to start with Tamiya model. This kit should be easy to build and there are not that many parts out of the box. Moreover, this time I didn't use any of PE or resin parts, so it is pure standard package.
By the way, here you can read review with this kit out of the box.
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Watch this build-report, where I show even more steps. :)

As it was mentioned before, there are not that many parts, so whole assembly process should be quick. Kit also doesn't offer any of the assembly options.

Lower section is glued out of separate panels. You can also add metal weights if you would like to.

Turret is easy to build, but keep in mind that barrel should be glued out of two halves. I would recommend to get metal replacement for more impressive result.

Here you can see few photos with assembled model.

I didn't encounter any fitment issues here, such set might be a good starter even for beginners.

Keep in mind that there is also a figurine included, but I decided not to use it in my build.

It is actually surprising to see the size of the finished model, as I was expecting it to be smaller than that.

Plastic tracks are easy to work with, and final result looks convincing in my opinion.

Priming was done with thin layer of white primer from AK Interactive. This will make whole surface a bit more uneven.

I didn't use any preshading, but only the green color from ICM paints set.

Here you can see graphite pencil for metal accents and scratches on the model.

Next are the photos of the finished model. Whole build turned out to be relatively quick. I didn't try to replicate some heavy weathering, so whole model looks clean without excessive dirt.

Markings were applied with with white paint and brush. I tried to replicate the same thing as in the original Tamiya decals.


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