Valiant Wings Fairey Barracuda Airframe Album (19)

This review is dedicated to Valiant Wings Fairey Barracuda Airframe Album (19). New book comes as part of the well-known series and we reviewed some of the previous publications. British aircraft doesn't need extra introduction, but publisher promises that this book will come handy for any project, no matter which scale you would pick. Printing format is still the same - softcover with color print inside. There are more than 120 pages filled with various information. Let's open this book and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

We can start with contents first. Here you can notice that we get four parts, each dedicated to own topic. Such book structure is classic for Airframe Album series.

Book starts with a chapter about development history of this aircraft. Here you will find black-and-white photos together with plenty of text.

Technical Description chapter will show you images of various aircraft parts. Those are not only the photos, but also various technical drawings which might come handy for fine detailing.

Next chapter will show you the main differences between various versions. In my opinion it is quite valuable addition as it gives a better understanding of various changes on the aircraft.

Of course, there is a separate section dedicated to markings and profiles. Here you will find color-printed schemes with short history notes. Some of those might be an interesting pick over standard markings.

While model build chapter is not that huge, you will still find there several projects in different scales. Author shows all important steps and explains how to get a better result.

New book should be already available for purchase for 21.95GBP on official website of Valiant Wings. In my opinion it is a worthy choice if you plan to build this aircraft in whatever scale you prefer. Overall idea is still the same - to give you the maximum of useful information in one book. Author does a great job of providing us with mix of various things, and those will be useful for sure. :)

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