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Valiant Wings Fairey Firefly Airframe Album (18)

This time we are going to review Valiant Wings Fairey Firefly Airframe Album (18). New book comes as long-awaited addition into well-known series. It is dedicated to British WW2 aircraft and should be handy in any build, no matter which scale you will pick. Printing format is typical - softcover with colorprint inside. There should be around 160 pages inside. Let's open them and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video-review where I show more pages.

We are going to start with contents page. Here you can notice that whole book is divided into 4 big parts. Let's take a look at them.

Everything starts with introduction chapter. Here you will find black-and-white photos together with some notes about different versions.

In my opinion the most precious part is this one on the photo above. Here you will get color photos of the real aircraft with various close-ups.

Another interesting chapter comes with clear comparison of the different versions. Such thing might be useful for those who try to copy particular type of the aircraft. One more chapter comes with everything dedicated to markings and there is also a model builds section with the latest kits.

Price should be set at 19.95GBP, so it is still on the same level with the previous issues in the series. In my opinion today's book is a must-have for all modelers who plan to build Firefly. As it was mentioned in the beginning, doesn't matter which scale you will pick, this publication can bring more details into model. I like that authors tried to get as much info into one book, so you won't have to switch between various sources. :)

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