Beemax 1/24 Volvo 240 Turbo DTM 85 Champion (BX24027)

Today we are going to check Beemax 1/24 Volvo 240 Turbo DTM 85 Champion (BX24027).
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts closer.

We are going to start with the black frame. Here you will find floor panel, interior lower section, dashboard and door cards.

Another black sprue pair brings us safety cage sections as well as some suspension parts. Overall design looks good and should be easy to combine together.

Photo doesn't do the justice for those parts, so definitely check them in the video. Nevertheless, their quality looks nice and should be enough for out of the box build.

Car shell is molded as one-piece part and doesn't have any protection in the box. If you have a chance to check the contents - do it in order to make sure that this part is intact.

Molded in doors and bonnet might make assembly easier, but it also means that there is no engine included.

Clear parts look great out of the box. Beemax also supplies masks which are shown on the photo below.

Chrome sticker looks fine and definitely will come handy for a bit more convincing appearance of your model.

It is easy to guess that kit features vinyl tires. This is something you won't be able to avoid here, so make sure to sand all four of them.

There is no mention on where decals sheet was printed, but overall quality looks fine. It is also great to see some interior features here.

There is only one marking option included. You will be able to copy it from the separate color-printed manual.

Assembly manual is typical for such kit. You can check all pages in the video-review.

In my opinion this Volvo offers a great chance to build something different from all those supercars which we are used to see in 1/24 scale. Well, this car is also special, but features completely different looks. Instead of some sleek curves you will get straight lines with almost straight angles. Such design has its own beauty, and it looks like out of the box build will be fund to work on. Don't forget that you can also get original PE, but in my opinion even standard package will be fine.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Good decals
  • Masks included


  • No engine
  • Molded in doors

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