ForeArt 1/72 M24 Chaffee Build-Review

This article will be fully dedicated to the build project with ForeArt 1/72 M24 Chaffee. Small tank kit is one of the latest kits from Chinese manufacturer, and everything looked great in the box. I decided to give it a try and see how everything goes together. Parts count wasn't that big, and some design solutions were just waiting to be tried out. As usual, let's start with a video-report.
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Watch this video to see more assembly steps.

Of course, everything starts with lower hull section. It is molded as single-piece part, but suspension arms are separate.

Here you can see the size of the parts. They are fine to handle, but there are no guiding elements, so check alignment manually.

I would suggest ruler or some plain surface in order to have the equal alignment of those elements.

Roadwheels are easy too install. Nevertheless, you will need masks or pointed brush as rubber sections are molded in here.

Whole assembly doesn't take a lot of time. On the next photos you can see parts in white primer.

Amount of tiny features is quite impressive here, so try to keep them intact during painting process.

Next are the photos of the finished model with paint, decals and weathering applied.

I decided to play a bit more with color modulation as just plain green tank would look boring.

All the details were picked out with pointed brush. Wheel rubber sections were carefully painted the same way.

Decals were quite easy to apply and didn't cause any unnecessary problems.

Overall I have to say that kit is quite fun to work with. Yes, it might be too tiny for some modelers, but with due care you will get a nice copy of the famous tank. Moreover, it is cool to see that designers didn't skip on features due to size. It also didn't make whole process more difficult, maybe only suspension arms could have been premolded to lower hull section. The only thing that I can recommend to add is the figures in the same scale and diorama base. Those will help to show the size of the tank and also make whole scene a bit more realistic.


  • Great molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Nice attention to small details
  • Good decals


  • Molded in hatches
  • No templates for roadwheels
  • Might be too small for some modelers

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