Valiant Wings Ju 88 Part 1 Airframe and Miniature (23)

Today we are going to talk about Valiant Wings Ju 88 Part 1 Airframe and Miniature (23). Yes, new publication is dedicated to the famous German twin engine aircraft. Moreover, we get "Part 1" here, so there will be more books about this type. Overall format is quite typical for the series, so it is a softcover with 272 pages inside. Whole book is quite hefty, so let's open it and take a closer look together.

Watch this video where I show more pages.

Let's start with contents page. As you can notice, the structure is typical for this series - there are two large sections.

First chapter is dedicated to development history. Here you will find detailed information on how the aircraft was designed and some black-and-white photos.

Next section shows the main differences between versions. Those photos might be handy for some diorama or weathering ideas. :)

Of course, book features my favorite chapter about markings. It is interesting to see color photos there. All marking profiles are printed in color too, but you will have to search for full guide for this or that option.

Model builds section covers several models in different scales. Both articles are quite detailed, and it is interesting to see the assembly process almost step by step.

Here you will be able to check the main differences between various versions. Below you can see In Detail section which might be useful for additional detailing of your model.

New book should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great pick for all modelers who plan to build Ju 88. Price is set at traditional 28.95 GBP, what is typical for this series. In total there are more than 200 photos, and some of them are quite rare. Moreover, book features 1/48 drawings which might be handy for some additional details on your model. All this sounds like an attractive combo to have in one publication, so get one while you can. :)

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