Spielwarenmesse 2024 Report

In this article I am going to show some interesting things from recent Spielwarenmesse expo. I missed the previous year exhibition, so it was time to come back and revisit familiar halls. It is worth mentioning that scale models were represented on few stands, but still I managed to find some unusual stuff there.
By the way, here you can read review with new-tooled DAX bike kit from Tamiya.
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Let's start with AMT stand, where some space kits were displayed. I have to say that I somehow didn't assemble at least one model from this brand, so it is something still on my list.

Those figurines look interesting too, but two-piece helmet will require some due care.

Next is Eligor models stand, which was attracting with large scale car copies. I have to say that overall quality was quite impressive.

In this video you can take a closer look at the beautiful VW van model.

It is also interesting that they cover several scales, so you will definitely find something interesting.

Another interesting set of models from Ottomobile.

Heller was showing more of boxes than assembled kits. I think this Ferguson tractor might be a great choice for some civil dioram.

Watch this video where I show more things from Heller stand.

Here you would be able to check car models from BBR Models.

Just some nice tractors from Kovap. :)

Train models is another area which I plan to take a closer look at, maybe some reviews will come soon.

This video will show you Marklin stand.

Tamiya stand can be checked in this video. To be honest, their novelties were quite underwhelming - re-issues of the old kits and only one small Honda bike new-tool. This is definitely something not comparable with releases of previous years.

Overall I hope there will be more manufacturers next year, but this year it was nice to see some of the familiar faces and say hi to them. It looks like industry is going through tricky period, so let's wait and check what this year will bring us.

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