Meng 1/24 Audi R8 LMS GT3 2019 (CS-006)

This review will tell you more about Meng 1/24 Audi R8 LMS GT3 2019 (CS-006). New kit gives us a chance to copy the famous racing car in a quite special version. It is molded in popular scale and also has all necessary features out of the box. Meng is quite famous for its quality, so it will be interesting to see what this model has to offer. Packaging is typical for this brand, and it will require me opening each bag and showing each frame one-by-one.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

I would like to start with body shell, which comes as single-piece part. First noticeable thing - separate engine cover and doors. This will definitely come handy for some build ideas.

Front is molded without some aerodynamic elements. You will add them as separate parts. This should help with painting parts properly.

The same can be seen on the rear side. Of course, you will have to cut off the bar in the middle of engine opening.

Cockpit floor is molded separately and should be combined with floor panel. Note also separate rear wing.

As you remember, doors are molded separately and should be glued out of two parts. In the top section you can also notice separate ailerons and cannards for the car.

Door panels are as simple as on the real car. Note also separate "boxes" for front air intake, which should be painted in red contrasting color.

I was more surprised to find nicely detailed engine here. Surface details look great out of the box and should benefit from careful paintwork.

I am not that sure about brake rotors molded together with calipers. Such design might be a bit more tricky to paint and weather. Here you can also notice driver's seat and dashboard.

Roll cage should be glued out of separate sections. Attachment points are thin and should be easy to cut through.

Here I intentionally left the film around the sprue to show you packaging from Meng - this frame was also packed into a bag. Everything to avoid unnecessary scratches!

Vinyl tires look good for standard thing, but maybe it is worth sanding them for more convincing look.

Special bonuses came to me as nice surprise. Here you will get pre-cut masks on the special film for clear parts. Next is a black PE fret for various elements, including interior. Third thing is the textile patch for seatbelts.

Decals look good out of the box. There are some cockpit and carbon decals included as well. Chrome stickers will come handy for the engine and mirrors.

Here you can see some information about the kit. Front and rear view are shown on the photo below.

Assembly manual is accompanied with special history brochure. I show both in the video-review.

New kit should be available for purchase already. In my opinion this is a great option for modelers who would like to copy German supercar in popular scale. Overall quality looks great, and I am happy to see various bonuses included as standard. Yes, there are some questionable design decisions, but I think we will also see some aftermarket to add more features. I am a bit not clear about black-and-white history brochure which doesn't add any value. It would be cooler to get color photos which can be used as reference for the build.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Great decals out of the box
  • PE included
  • Masks included


  • Only one marking option?

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