IBG Models 1/72 Carro Comando (72129) Build-Review

I continue building small kits from different brands, and this time it will be 1/72 scale Carro Comando from IBG Models. This is a relatively new model from the well-known brand. For me it was interesting to see how it goes together and whether whole design works in this size. Initial look showed that kit was nice, but let's assemble everything together and check how it goes.
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Watch this video where I show assembly process of this tiny vehicle.

As you remember, today's kit features one-piece tracks which are molded together with drivetrain boggies. Such design should make assembly a bit easier and faster. Note also the parts numbering placement. :)

Lower hull is also one-piece design. Yes, rear hatch should be replicated with help of PE part.

Here you can see hull and tracks assembled. Now they are ready to be joined together. I decided not to leave them separately, even though on this kit it is possible.

This is a dry fitment of the parts together, and you can see how nicely they work. There are no gaps or any other possible issues.

Kit also features some PE parts for fine details. Their installation is quite easy, and here you can see the biggest one.

Tools are placed on the rear deck, there are guiding elements to help you with this.

I also drilled out barrels in order to have at least something resembling the real ones.

Here is the PE part I was talking about.

Large hatches should be assembled closed as there is nothing to show inside.

Basic coat is quite simple. I decided not to do color modulation, but the final result still looks interesting.

On the following pictures you can see finished model. Overall it was quite nice experience as I didn't have any issues with this tiny vehicle. PE parts might look small, but with tools it is really easy thing to do. As I mentioned above, it is a shame that there are no basic interior because it could be handy for opening some hatches. I still opened the driver's hatch as it doesn't expose a lot, but it would be cool to do the same with the top opening. :) Tracks design is quite smart here, so you definitely can build and paint them separately. I enjoyed this build and recommend the model for all modelers who would like to build something unusual without taking half of their room.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts design
  • PE included
  • Good decals


  • Maybe some interior? :D

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