Miniart StuG III Ausf.G Build-Review

This time we are going to talk about tiny build with kit from Miniart. It is molded in 1/72 scale and copies famous StuG III Ausf.G. For me the bigger scale release was a bit too much, but when I received the smaller version it was decided that this kit will get assembled. Moreover, parts looked quite good, so it was interesting to see how everything goes together. This is unusual size for Miniart, what adds even more interest to the build. Well, let's start from the first step. I also recommend you to watch the video below where I show all steps even closer.
By the way, here you can read review with small StuG plastic.
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Watch this video where I show how the model was assembled.

Everything starts with the lower hull section. Here you will have to combine the separate panels together.

Overall fitment is nice thanks to the clever design. Guiding elements will help you to align those panels together.

Roadwheels are assembled out of separate parts. It is not a difficult process, but still takes some time. It is interesting to note that tires also feature some premolded details.

Tracks are assembled out of separate sections and links. The fitment looks nice, but I had to play a bit with the placement of the lower section.

Rear deck is glued out of several parts. It is interesting how Miniart solved the design of air vents here.

Whole hull and main gun get assembled in no time. It looks like there is a possibility to leave the gun movable, but I just decided to have it fixed in place.

For antennas, wheel holders and towing cable you will have to source your own metal wire. Unfortunately I didn't have thin one for antennas, I hope I will get it next time.

Whole model was painted with help of Ammo MiG German paints set. First color was the light one as usual.

Next green color was applied freehand for rough camouflage pattern.

Overall result might look too light, but it will be "dimmed" later with help of filter wash.

Decals application was quite easy. I really like the quality of those tiny symbols as there no carrier film or any other issues.

On those photos you can see StuG before weathering. Even now it looks like a proper model, not a small scale build.

I have to say that overall fitment was perfect in all spots, so you don't have to worry about any issues.

Final weathered look can be seen on the photos below. I used a close view in order to show some details on this kit.

In my opinion Miniart did a great job here, and we have a nice small kit which offers a lot of things out of the box. Moreover, assembly process is surprisingly easy, maybe even beginners-friendly. Yes, there are PE parts, but those are also quite easy to get on the vehicle. I like this first release, and it looks like there will be more versions coming in the future. Nevertheless, for me the main question is which next kit will be reduced to this size? Who knows, maybe it will be Pz.IV? :)
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  • Great molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Amazing level of details
  • Easy assembly


  • Metal wire might be handy
  • Small size can be tricky for some modelers

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