Tamiya 1/24 Nissan Z Coupe (363) Build-Review

This time we are going to talk about my build experience with Nissan Z Coupe from Tamiya. Kit itself is relatively new just as real car, so it was interesting to see how it assembles together. Moreover, I really like design of this new coupe, but it is sold in USA only, so it was the only chance to check this car. Jokes aside, I also wanted to train myself a bit on the car models, as those are more demanding to your skillset. Final result can be seen on the photos, but I recommend to check the video, where I will show even more.
By the way, here you can read review with the kit itself.
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Watch this video where I show whole process even closer.

Assembly starts with the floor plate. At this stage you will have to do some masking in order to get the right paintwork.

Suspension parts are also painted into several colors. I invested a lot of time into this area, and somehow forgot that it won't be visible on the finished model. :D

Interior assembly is quite easy. Tamiya offers several assembly options, and you can also play a bit with color combination of the seats and door trim.

Masks for clear parts are definitely useful. I asked my wife to help with application as I usually place large stickers in a bit misaligned way.

You can see masks applied here. Note that they cover both windows and headlamps, tail lights.

Wheels were painted into aluminium color. I think black color could work with body shade as well.

By the way, car color here is the "Epson NSX Blue" from Zero Paints. I thought it would look nice on the new coupe from Nissan.

As the result of assembly you will get those three large sections to get together. Overall fitment was quite nice, but you can see missing decals in the rearview mirror area.

Yes, you can also assemble some kind of Frankencar as on the photo above. Finished model can be seen on the photos below.

To conclude, I have to say that there is still some stuff to learn, and you can see it on the final result. Kit itself is quite nice and might be a good choice for beginners too. In one box you will get good interior features as well as masks for clear parts. I still don't get why the engine was omitted here and suspension received such great attention. Nevertheless, smart design makes it fun to build, and you can get this model with discount in some shops. I will take a small break from the car builds for now and try again a bit later. Stay tuned for the next project. :)


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Two assembly options for interior
  • Chrome decals included


  • Horrible decals
  • No engine
  • Molded in doors and bonnet, trunk

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