Miniart 1/35 K-51 Radio Truck with K-52 Radio Trailer (35418)

Today we have a chance to talk about Miniart 1/35 K-51 Radio Truck with K-52 Radio Trailer (35418). Name hints that there are several kits in one box, and boxart confirms this idea. Famous brand decided to make a quite interesting combo with plenty of interior items included out of the box. Yes, we reviewed separate sets, but now we have new parts for radio equipment. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how all this fits inside. Overall packaging is typical, so all frames are sealed into one plastic bag. Let's open it and check everything together. We can start with traditional video which is even more detailed than photos.
By the way, here you can read review with solo van release in the same scale.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

I would like to start with one of the biggest frames here. It comes with parts for the front cab as well as some suspension elements.

Both truck and trailer will get plastic wheels. In my opinion it is a great thing for a model in this scale. Such parts will make final appearance even better-looking. Small templates in the right bottom corner will come handy for shaping PE parts.

All doors in the kit are separate and can be opened. This feature will be useful in order to show what is hidden inside. Note also nice engine, which might benefit from wiring added.

Miniart provides grille as plastic part as well, such option might come handy for modelers who don't feel confident with PE.

Trailer can be assembled in three versions. Here you can see raised walls option and covered one.

Van is divided into large panels, so it will be important to carefully combine them together. Note also large chassis bars in the middle of the sprue.

Of course, such large surfaces might be a great playground for some weathering ideas.

Various equipment and furniture can be found on the separate frames. Overall design looks great and it should be easy to work with.

As you remember, trailer will also get some equipment inside, so it might be worth to think on how to expose all this on the finished build.

Trailer itself might look familiar because we checked it as separate kit some time before.

Van will get separate interior panels. I guess such design helps to copy the necessary thickness as well.

Radio equipment features a lot of premolded details, so it might be a good idea to get some references for painting those parts.

Last frame looks as good as the previous ones. I didn't find any flash or other molding damage.

Unpainted PE fret and metal chain will come handy for fine details on your model.

Clear frame is packed into separate plastic bag. Molding quality looks great, but there are no masks included.

Decals are printed in Cartograf, so you don't have to worry about possible quality issues. Miniart included several options, and you can see them on the photo below.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. I show all pages in the video-review.

New truck release looks great out of the box. It is cool to see Miniart still experimenting with various combinations of their releases. Moreover, they try to give it even more interest by replicating something completely different from original boxing. This van might be a great opportunity to assemble some diorama in popular scale. Just add some figures, open the doors, and you will have things ready. I hope Miniart will come up with some suitable releases in the future, so let's wait and see.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • PE and metal chain included
  • Cartograf decals


  • No masks for clear parts

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