Lifelike Decals 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M Zero Part 1 (48-061)

This review will tell you more about Lifelike Decals 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M Zero Part 1 (48-061). New set comes in the right moment after we saw some new Zero kits coming on the market. As you might notice, decals are printed in popular scale and cover several versions of the famous aircraft. There are 14 markings in one set. Packaging is typical here, so let's open this bag and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

Marking guide is typical for Lifelike Decals and printed in color. Note that we also get one marking for the famous Rufe in 1/48 scale. Each of the options is also supplied with history note.

It is interesting to see paints guide included. This feature will come handy in order to achieve the right shade on your model. Note also special templates for several marking options.

There are three decals sheets in total. All of them are printed in Microscale Industries, so overall quality looks great. There is no segmentation and you will have to be careful while taking this or that sign. Note that whole sheet is dedicated to Hinomaru - Lifelike Decals claim that their set has those symbols in the right size for 1/48 scale. It is also worth mentioning that there are green-trimmed Hinomaru missing. Unfortunately Lifelike Decals didn't include them here, and this will be fixed as soon as possible.

New release should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great choice for modelers who would like to assemble something different from in-box options. Overall quality looks great and you can expect a lot of interesting markings inside. The only thing that can be added is that paintwork and weathering will also add the final result.

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