E-Day 2023

This report is dedicated to the recent E-Day 2023 model exhibition which took place in Milovice. Show happened in the same format, but it was interesting to see all models. This time whole report comes in videos as I think this will give you better look at some of the projects. Moreover, I included live-stream, where you can walk around the show together with me.
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Above you can watch video with aircraft models in Masters class.

Next one is detailed aircraft in small scale.

Bigger scale can be checked in this video.

My spare camera helped me to record civil aircraft and helicopter models. :)

Armor models can be checked in this video. My main camera died at this moment, so I had to improvise.

More various armor models, this time on 360 camera, hence the overall view. :D

Car models were also quite impressive this year.

In this video you will see figurines and naval models.

This year I also did livestream straight from the show, so you can see more things which are happening there.

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