DXM Decals 1/48 F-15J/DJ Agressors (31-4264)

This review will tell you more about DXM Decals 1/48 F-15J/DJ Agressors (31-4264). As you can tell from the naming, whole set is dedicated to the famous aircraft in unusual markings. Moreover, those are quite colorful and should look impressive in 1/48 scale. Overall packaging is typical for this brand, so you will get decals and marking guide in one resealable plastic bag. All markings are shown on the cover as well. Let's open this set and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video where I show all decals even closer :)

It is nice to see that marking guide is printed in color. This feature will be really important with all the various schemes supplied in the set.

There are two decals sheets in the set. Both are coming from Cartograf, so you don't have to worry about overall quality. On the one above you will find various stencils, which are important for 1/48 scale aircraft project.

Second sheet comes with various aircraft numbers. You might notice that there are no camouflage decals, and that is right observation. All camouflage patterns will have to be copied with your own hands, so be ready for that. DXM Decals also included quite unexpected bonus here - metal parts for your model. 

I have to say that today's set is one of the most colorful F-15 decals products I've ever seen. Moreover, amount of options in one package is really impressive, so you will definitely find something attractive. As it was mentioned in the beginning, camouflages looks unusual on this type of aircraft, and can be considered as a great way to have something different in your collection. The only thing that you should be ready to do - cut all masks for each of the option. Who knows, maybe in the future releases we will get masks or at least templates included. :)
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