Master Box 1/35 German Military Man 1939-1941 (MB35227)

This whole review is dedicated to Master Box 1/35 German Military Man 1939-1941 (MB35227). Yes, we get another WW2 figurine, but there is a catch. Even though set features only one soldier, manufacturer promised several extras inside. Overall packaging is typical for this brand, so everything is packed into one bag. Let's open all parts and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

Yes, whole kit features only one figure, but there are two(!!!) plastic sprues. First one is the biggest and carries various equipment items. I think it is easy to understand that you won't be able to use everything at once, so some things will stay for the future builds.

Figurine parts can be found on the next frame. Overall design is typical for this scale, so hands, legs and head are separate from one-piece torso. Molding quality looks good, but there are no guiding elements which will help you with alignment. Now take a careful look at the photo below with assembly manual. Yes, there are several assembly options for this soldier! This is something unusual for Master Box, and I was asking for such feature for a long time.

In my opinion it is a good start. While previous releases, even solo ones, offered only one assembly option, this one comes as nice change. Overall quality is the same as what we are used to see from Master Box, so you shouldn't be worried. Now the only thing I can ask for is the same variability in sets with multiple figures. In my opinion it will be an ultimate feature as no other brand is able to offer something comparable.
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