Eduard 1/48 B-25J Angel of Mercy (D48112)

This review will tell you more about Eduard 1/48 B-25J Angel of Mercy (D48112). New decals set comes in popular scale and should be useful with recent HK Models kit. In one pack you will get five marking options, what is more than enough for such large model. Moreover, all of this stuff should be easy to work with as the quality from this brand is nice every time we check it. Well, the packaging is typical here, so let's open it and check everything together.
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Watch this video where I show even more details.

We are going to start with the smaller decals sheet. Here you will find typical American aircraft stars, but there is one catch. The lower left corner decal looks weathered and can be used on the top surface for a bit different look. Of course, the final choice is after you.

Both sheets are printed in Eduard, so quality here is top-notch. Note that bigger one also features segmentation, which might be handy for easier application. Marking guide is printed in color and shows each version in different views. It will come handy for a nice result.

New decals set should be already available for order. In my opinion this product offers a great chance to "customize" your build, and it will be important for such big model. I also like the fact that Eduard starts to play with some options, as this weathered-looking decals might come handy in some builds. Overall quality looks fine just like something you would expect from this brand. Now the only option is what decals set will be next from Eduard. :)

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