Africa at War

Helion and Company War of Intervention in Angola (54)

This article is dedicated to Helion and Company War of Intervention in Angola (54). As you can notice on the main photo, new book is part of "Africa@War" series. It is written by three authors - Adrien Fontanellaz, Tom Cooper and Jose Augusto Matos. The main topic is the deployment of Angolan and Cuban air forces in the conflict. Book should follow the standard style of publications in this series, so you will get plenty of info inside. It is still printed as softcover. There are 80 pages in total. Let's open them and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video-review where I show even more pages.

First of all I suggest to take a look at contents page. Here you can notice that whole book is divided into 5 parts. Moreover, there is quite extensive bibliography which might be handy for those who is eager to read more.

Inside you will find not only photos and maps, but also color profiles. In my opinion all this material should be good for some inspiration in your model build. On the rear side you will find some other books from the same series.

Price should be set at 16.95GBP, what is at the same level as the previous issues. In my opinion, authors did a great job to cover the little-known story of Angolan and Cuban air forces in this conflict. Moreover, such book might be a great reference for those who would like to build something unusual. I think it is definitely worth getting if you are interested in the topic and build Soviet aircraft in different scales.

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