Tank Museum Tigerfibel

This review is dedicated to Tank Museum Tigerfibel book. Publication comes as an interesting thing for all fans of military vehicles who would like to have a copy of the original manual. Yes, whole book is actually a translated and restored copy of Tiger I manual which comes in this new packaging. Note that today we are checking collectors edition, but there will be also a normal version available. Packaging includes special box and certificate of authenticity. Let's open the box and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with Tiger model in small scale.
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Book itself is not that thick, so don't expect full history of the tank together with all versions described inside. Nevertheless, authors decided to add few photos with the tank, so that you can get a better idea of its usage.

It is interesting to see the format in which all the instructions and tips were supplied. I think readers will find it quite engaging and maybe find out some new information.

New manual should be already available. Here I should say few words about collector's edition. This release will be available only to people who actually supported the project on development stage. It also includes mention in the long list of such supporters, which is printed in the book. Nevertheless, I am sure that "simple" version will be also interesting for all fans of military vehilces. Moreover, it is nice to see that authors did their best to preserve the overall style of this book. Such thing will come handy both as table book as well as source of interesting information about the well-known tank.


  • Unusual publication about the famous tank
  • Great restoration of the original manual
  • Good printing and packaging quality


  • Only several books of this type available

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