IBG Models 1/35 KTO Rosomak Polish APC (35033)

This article is dedicated to IBG Models 1/35 KTO Rosomak Polish APC (35033). Article is part of out old new reviews, which show you some kits which weren't published on the website or YouTube channel. Well, Rosomal model is well worth taking a careful look at. Whole model should have quite considerable sizes, but there are also a lot of things promised out of the box. Let's open this package and take a closer look together.

Watch this video in order to see parts even closer :)

We are going to start with two large hull halves. Here you can see that both are molded as one-piece parts, what should make it easier to install both together.

Next frames carry suspension parts and wheel sides. Yes, plastic wheels will have to be glued out of several panels.

Some of hull panels are molded on the separate frame. Overall quality looks great, I didn't find any serious issue here.

Even though main barrel is molded as single-piece part, I would recommend getting some metal replacement as it might be better looking in this scale.

Yes, today's APC includes the engine and drivetrain, what might be handy for some diorama ideas. Of course, you can also add some wiring for more convincing look. All hatches on the turret are molded separately.

Hull rear wall also features separate door. Add some figures and it might turn into an interesting diorama project.

Interior parts also include some seats and instrument panels. As you can guess, all these items can be exposed by opening some of the hatches and doors.

Clear frame looks great and features all necessary transparent parts. There are no masks in this set, so you will have to cut them by yourself.

It is nice to see PE fret included here. This bonus will be useful for some fine features. Note that decals are printed in Techmod.

Plastic wheels main sections look good, and such thing is definitely better than typical vinyl offerings. Assembly manual is typical for this brand, and you can check all pages below.

Model is already available in several versions. In my opinion it is an interesting project for modelers who would like to build something modern in popular scale. Moreover, there are a lot of features out of the box, so it might be handy for diorama ideas. I like that kit includes PE parts as well, as this bonus is still kind of rare in modern kits.
Get this and other kits on IBG Models website.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Good decals
  • PE included


  • No masks for clear parts

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