Studio27 1/16 Suzuki GSX-RR Carbon Decal (CD12011)

This time we are going to talk about Studio27 1/16 Suzuki GSX-RR Carbon Decal (CD12011). As you can guess from its name, set should be useful for modelers who would like to get a nice carbon surfaces on their bike model. Moreover, such thing should make it easier to focus on more important things during assembly. Well, I bought one set to be reviewed and now we can check it closer in the article and video.
By the way, here you can read review with the kit which can benefit from decals.
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Watch this video, where I show everything closer.

There is only one decals sheet with all necessary decals. Printing quality looks great even though it is not mentioned where exactly this was printed. Carbon fiber structure nicely replicated in the necessary scale and all cutouts are made exactly for necessary sections. Assembly or application manual is quite simple, so you won't have issues in understanding what should be done here or there.

In my opinion such thing should have been included into the standard package, but Tamiya decided to skip on important add-on. It is good to see that Studio27 fixed such issue and now you can get all necessary decals for your racing bikes. As I wrote before, these decals should streamline the carbon fiber copying and you would be able to spend more time on painting or detailing your model.

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