Valiant Wings Bf 109 Early Series Airframe and Miniature (5 Second Edition)

This time we are going to talk about Valiant Wings Bf 109 Early Series Airframe and Miniature (5 Second Edition). Well, it is easy to guess, that we get an updated version here. New release should feature more information as well as various updated lists. This is a valuable reading for every modeler who plans to build German aircraft. There are 232 pages and 2 sets of drawings in 1/48 scale. Let's open them and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video-review where I show all pages even closer. :)

First of all I suggest to check the contents page. Here you can see that we have seven airframe chapters and four miniature chapters. Such division is typical for all books from today's series.

Everything starts with the development history of the aircraft. This chapter is filled with various photos, and all those images might come handy in modeling hobby.

Of course, there is also a chapter about markings, which also includes new stencils analysis. In my opinion it is quite important part of the book, as you can find something new for your build here. As for the Miniatures section, the main addition is the new kits assessment as the first release of the book happened in 2014. Moreover, there are new builds with Wingsy and Special Hobby kits. Each build article features detailed photos of the process.

New book comes as the great update to the previous title. Price will be set at 25.95GBP, what is at the same level with previous books. In my opinion authors did a great job to bring everything up to date and include the new kits. Moreover, this book was sold out for some time, and now you have a perfect chance to finally catch it. I would recommend to hurry though, as such releases get sold out quickly. Don't forget that there will be a separate book about Late versions, we will review it in the separate article.

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