Kagero M16 Halftrack TopDrawings (88)

This article is dedicated to Kagero M16 Halftrack TopDrawings (88). As you can guess, today's book is dedicated to unusual American vehicle which was widely used during WW2. Yes, there is no mistake, and new issue covers a vehicle instead of aircraft. Nevertheless, format is still the same - softcover with large A4-sized pages. There are 24 pages inside. Let's open them and take a closer look together. I recommend to watch video-review above where I show more pages inside.
By the way, here you can read review with another book from the same publisher.
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Everything starts with overall views of the vehicle. Note that Kagero also included some close-ups for various elements.

Inside you will also find drawings inserts with bigger scale images. There are separate drawings even for suspension parts. On the photo below you can see that smaller scale are also included and might be handy for modelers who work with such kits.

Halftrack is quite unusual vehicle and should be a great build for some modelers. Well, today's book will be handy for adding more features in the build or maybe even keeping it up to the real prototype. It is good that publisher provides us with several scales, so you won't have to work with scanner. :D Price will be set at 16GBP what is on par with previous releases.

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