Kagero Fw 190 S/F/G TopDrawings (66)

This review is dedicated to Kagero Fw 190 S/F/G TopDrawings (66). As you can guess, whole book covers several versions of the famous German fighter aircraft. Printing format is still the same - softcover with around 20 pages inside. Moreover, book comes packed in resealable plastic bag, so everything should be alright. Let's open it and take a closer look together. I recommend to check the video-review above for even more pages to see.
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Today's book features two bonuses inside. First one can be seen on the photo above. Yes, we get masks set and in my opinion such thing will be useful for a nice paintwork on your model.

Of course, all pages are filled with drawings which show aircraft from all sides. Moreover, there are five profiles in the middle section. Another nice bonus - small poster with aircraft. It might be a good addition on your wall. :)

Price will be set at 20GBP what is reasonable for such publication. In my opinion this is a must-have for all aviation modelers who would like to get even more detailed model. Book comes in a quite nice format, so it will be easy to understand what is here and there. Moreover, I appreciate several bonuses inside, they should be useful in our hobby.

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