HPH Models 1/32 SB2C-4 Helldiver (HPH32036R)

This articles is dedicated to HPH Models 1/32 SB2C-4 Helldiver (HPH32036R). Kit comes as big scale release from Czech brand. This review was done some time ago, and now we finally publish it online. In my opinion it is a still an interesting kit to check, that's why it is here. As you can guess, model copies famous Helldiver in big scale. Moreover, inside you will find a lot of add-ons which will add even more features. Let's take a closer look into contents of the box.
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We are going to start with fuselage halves. As you remember, this is a resin kit, so each half comes as separate part. Moreover, there are also internal features copied. All this stuff inside looks impressive and definitely deserves careful painting and weathering.

I am glad to see front cowling section molded as single-piece part. Such design should make it easier to get a nice result in your build.

Wing should be glued out of two halves for each side. Of course, you will have to delete resin bases first.

There are no guiding elements inside, so be careful while joining everything together.

All bulkheads come casted in the resin base, so be careful while cutting them out. Overall casting quality looks fine and should be easy to work with.

Some bulkheads are very thin, so I would recommend to use the special saw in order to carefully separate these parts.

Today's model should have quite detailed internal structure. Be ready to cut out all these struts and align them between each other.

Landing gear legs are also casted out of resin. Here I am not that sure about such design as metal legs would better suit the heavy weight of the model.

I didn't count the total amount of parts, but as you can see it is quite impressive out of the box.

Engine should be assembled out of several parts, all cylinders are casted separately. I also like how tail surfaces are made here.

Rockets come as single-piece parts with attachment in the tail area.

Clear parts look great, you just need to carefully separate the casting base.

Kit is true multimedia set, so you will get a large PE fret with plenty of parts on it. Be ready to work on these carefully as some of those are really tiny.

Decals sheet is made as "Wet Transfer" product in cooperation with HGW. Such thing should give you even more convincing finish which will be confirming to surface details.

Masks are suitable not only for the clear parts, but also for some national insignia. Such thing will contribute to the realistic appearance of your build.

Seatbelts are also coming from HGW and this is actually the best thing you can get for aircraft in big scale. In my opinion it will definitely contribute to the overall look of the cockpit.

Kit should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great multimedia product which should turn into an interesting big scale project. Of course, such thing is not the right choice for beginners, and it is better to start build with some experience behind your back. Moreover, there is a huge potential for some fine detailing ideas, which will require good reference materials and photos. If you are ready for such challenge, then definitely take a look at this release.


  • One big copy of the famous Helldiver
  • A lot of add-ons for various areas
  • Great decals


  • Definitely not for beginners

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