Meng 1/35 FT-17 (TS-011)

This article is a more of blast from the past as all the photos were made way back in 2014. Nevertheless, it is still worth to take a look at this kit, so I am publishing review now. You can purchase this kit even today and whole set is a quite good model in a popular scale. Plastic copies WW1 tank Renault FT-17 with some additional bonuses in the box. Note that our version comes with riveted turret. Packaging is typical for this brand, so let's open the box and take a closer look together.

First frame is dedicated to drivetrain parts. Everything looks fine and should be easy to separate off the frame. You can see the same parts from the opposite side on the photo below.

Turret parts can be found on the next frame. All hatches are molded separately and can be opened on the model.

Hull should be glued out of separate panels. Those sections feature raised rivets, just like on the real tank. Note also interior floor in the upper right corner.

Here you can take a look from the opposite side.

Another large part is the floor section. Note also thin parts which will require due care.

NNote that floor panel also features some premolded details as today's tank is an interior kit.

Suspension from both sides should be assembled out of several parts. These will be sub-assemblies, and it is better to think through the plan how to paint those. You can see the same frame from the opposite side on the photo below.

These large panels will be handy for the model stand. Yes, Meng actually included it as standard bonus in the kit.

Overall idea mimics what we saw on the boxart. Of course, you can also add some of your own reworks here.

Overall texture looks good, so maybe some grass would look even better here.

PPlastic track links is another advantage of this kit. Such elements should be easy to paint and weather.

Kit also features unpainted PE fret. Decals sheet looks fine and should be easy to apply on the model.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. I show all pages in the video-review.

During its initial release kit proved to be a really great offer in popular scale. I have to say that it looks fine even today. There are still not that many WW1 tanks, and this one might be considered as one of the best. Of course, it will require some time due to complex design of the real prototype, but it is evident that kit designers tried to make whole experience a bit more enjoyable. Moreover, I am glad to see interior and model stand - these things are not often included even today.

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