Master Box 1/35 The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Sniper Group (MB35235)

This article will tell you more about Master Box 1/35 The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Sniper Group (MB35235). As you can notice, set continues modern series in popular scale. Previous releases were quite nice out of the box, so it will be interesting to check what is supplied here. Packaging is typical for this brand, so let's open it and take a look together.
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Watch this video where I show parts even closer.

Yes, all parts fit onto one frame. Overall design is typical for this scale, so you will get separate hands, legs, one-piece torso and head. There are no guiding elements, so be careful while combining everything together.

Sculpting quality looks great for this scale, so you just need to pick up various features. Assembly manual and marking guide are combined into one and printed on the rear side of the box.

New set should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is an interesting release for modelers who would like to work on modern diorama scene. Overall quality looks great, and all parts are molded in nice quality. The only thing that would be cool to get is the alternative poses choice or maybe even some decals for patches.
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