Valiant Wings F4F Wildcat Airframe and Miniature (22)

This article will tell you more about Valiant Wings F4F Wildcat Airframe and Miniature (22). Well, the name tells us about the main subject of this new publication. There were several new models on the market recently, so now it is useful to get such book. Overall format is typical for this series, and you can expect quite thick softcover with 208 pages inside. Moreover, publisher promises special set of drawings to be included as well. Let's open this new book and take a closer look together.
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Watch this video where I show all pages even closer.

First we can start with the contents page. Overall structure is typical for Airframe and Miniature series - there are Airframe and Miniature Chapters sections. If you have one of the previous issues in your library, then whole design will be familiar to you.

Everything starts with the development history. Here you will also find black-and-white photos which might be handy for some diorama ideas. You will also find there list of various modifications and their differences. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 200 photos in the book.

Of course, separate chapter is dedicated to markings and profiles. Here you will see color profiles with various markings and their real photos in some cases. Such thing might be useful for choosing the paint scheme for your build.

Book features several scale model builds in all main scales. Those articles are quite detailed, and photos shown what was done in order to get a better result.

I also like the "In Detail" chapter, where we get a chance to look closer at various aircraft sections. Such thing will definitely come handy for modelers who would like to have more features on their Wildcat. On the photo below you can see set of 1/48 drawings for the aircraft.

Price for the new book will be set at 26.95GBP. This is the same level as the previous books from the same series. In my opinion it is a must-have for all modelers who would like to have all things in one place. Here you will get everything needed for building a nice copy of the famous Wildcat. Moreover, it doesn't matter which scale you would pick - all those photos still will be useful. I also like to read whole book from this series, as it gives a bit better understanding of the history of the aircraft. Be sure to hurry if you want to get one, as some of these books get sold out really quickly. :)
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