Abrex 1/43 Skoda 1201 Build-Review

Today we are going to take a look at build project with small car kit from Abrex. As you can guess from the name, model comes in 1/43 scale and copies classic Skoda 1201. Note that kit comes prepainted, so it was interesting to see what can be achieved with such package. Whole build was quite simple, and you can see it in the video-report above.
By the way, here you can read review with the kit.
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First challenge is in the prepainted car body shell. Yes, it comes with paint layer, but it still needed few tweaks.

I didn't like matte surface of this part, so it was decided to cover it with several layers of gloss lacquer.

This step created a bit shinier surface which looks like real painted metal. By the way, this body part is casted, so it has some weight to it.

As you can see, such simple step made whole model a bit more interesting on outside.

Here are the pictures of the finished build. Note that interior was upgraded and painted as well.

I decided to copy blue interior with white inserts. Moreover, I added seat handles for rear passengers. It is a shame that such upgrade is barely visible through windows.

Note that model also features PE screen wipers which will require due care to install on the car.

Front grille wasn't an easy thing to install. I had to widen the holes in order to get the chrome parts inside.

Another thing - external decals which are visibly overlapping in the rear section. It might be worth to completely repaint this in order to get a cleaner look.

I would also recommend to accentuate panel lines with dark washes. This will create a bit more defined surface.

All in all we have quite nice model kit for all fans of classic cars. It can be assembled even by beginners, but professionals can also add more features with their own hands and tools. I hope you enjoyed this project, stay tuned for more. ;)

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