ICM 1/35 WWII Red Army Rocket Artillery (DS3512)

This time we are going to talk about ICM 1/35 WWII Red Army Rocket Artillery (DS3512). Kit comes as yet another combo release from the famous brand. As you can guess by the boxart, one package will bring several kits, which can be combined into quite impressive diorama project. Such combo-sets are usually a bit more cost-efficient as well. Parts count is quite long here - 343 parts for BM-13-16 on W.O.T.6 chassis, 272 parts for W.O.T.6, 43 parts for Soviet BM-13-16 crew, 13 parts for Soviet drivers and 52 parts for two ammo boxes and shells. All this sounds impressive, but let's open large box and take a closer look together. 
By the way, here you can read review with the solo release of BM-13-16.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

We are going to start with drivers. Those are typical 1/35 scale figures, so you won't be surprised by parts division.

The same can be seen on the next sprue which carries parts for BM-13-16 crew.

Another separate kit - two frames with parts for ammo boxes and separate rockets. Note that rockets are molded with separate tail fins.

Here we can move to truck parts which I would like to show on example of BM-13-16 on W.O.T.6 chassis. On the first frame you can see suspension and engine parts.

Of course, you won't need these panels for rear bed as they will be replaced with rocket launcher. Fuel tank should be glued out of two halves.

ICM supplies launcher frame parts on the separate sprue. As you can see those are molded as sections, what should make installation easier.

Front cab is separated into panels. Doors are molded as additional parts, so you can try to open them on your model.

Here we will need some of the drivetrain parts as others are designed for a bedtruck.

Overall molding quality looks good, but might require careful separation as some parts are quite thin.

Rocket launcher parts come on three frames. The only important thing here is to check alignment between rails. :)

Wheel rims come on two separate plastic sprues.

Clear frame is packed into separate plastic bag. Molding quality looks good and should be easy to work with.

Yes, kit features vinyl tires. Those might be okay for out of the box build, but I would recommend to replace them with resin aftermarket.

PE fret is a quite unusual bonus for ICM kits. It will be useful for some fine features on your truck. All assembly manuals come in the special folder.

Today's combo-set should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is an interesting thing for modelers who would like to build a diorama project in popular scale. Moreover, you don't have to use all models at once, so it might be even two separate builds. The only thing that might be good to see here is some new markings or at least masks for new markings so that we can get something different from "solo" releases. Other than that I don't see any issues here and recommend this kit to all modelers who want to build truck in 1/35 scale. :)
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Several kits in one box
  • Great package for a diorama


  • No stand included?

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