ICM 1/35 Hold the rope, Willi (DS3516)

This article is dedicated to ICM 1/35 Hold the rope, Willi (DS3516). New release comes as combo-set with several models inside. Well, boxart tells you everything, as box carries two tanks, one car and figures set. This is notably more than previous kits from the same series, so it should be interesting to see what is actually supplied here. Packaging is typical, you will find 418 parts for Pz.Kpfw.V Panther D, 384 parts for Bergenpanther, 253 parts for le.Gl Einheitz-Pkw (Kfz.4) and 29 parts for German Drivers figurines. Let's open this box and check everything together.
By the way, here you can read review with car kit in the same scale.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

First we see figures with parts on several frames. Overall parts division is typical for this scale. Molding quality looks great.

Of course, poses are preshaped, so you won't be able to change much. Nevertheless, soldiers still can come handy for a better-looking project.

I decided to start with tracks here as it is great to see plastic track links instead of typical vinyl things. In my opinion it will have a great influence on the final appearance of your Panther.

Note that both tanks come without interior, what lets you focus on external features. On the photo above you can see some of the hull parts as well as pioneer tools.

Roadwheels are molded as single-piece parts, so be ready to paint the rubber section. Overall molding quality looks fine and should be easy to work with.

Here the main thing is two-piece barrel. I would rather replace it with metal aftermarket for better appearance.

Large hull sections are molded as one-piece parts. Such design will help with overall alignment of the model parts.

Here you can see another sprue with figures for the vehicles in the kit.

Bergenpanther also gets the sprue which you can see on the photo above. All these parts are needed for crane instead of the turret.

Small offroader should be familiar to some of you as it was released in several versions before. On the photo above you can see parts for the turret.

Car also features separate doors, what might be useful for some diorama ideas. Note that windscreen frame is also molded separately.

For the AA version you will need new side panels which you can see on the photo above.

Roadwheels are plastic here, but you will have to be careful while painting the tires. Note also amount of small parts which will require installation with tweezers.

Clear frame comes in the separate plastic bag in order to avoid possible scratches. Masks template won't be needed as the frame is molded separately.

Assembly manuals are the same as in the original release, but they come in the special folder. Here you will find small suggestions on how to combine figures and vehicles together.

New combo-set should be already available, but I would recommend to hurry if you want to get one. Somehow such release get sold out quickly and here we get really nice combo of several kits which can be assembled into interesting diorama project. Moreover, you don't have to build everything at once, so it might be considered as price-efficient investment. The only thing I would like to see back - cardboard base or maybe even plastic base, so that models can be placed on top of it. This is not a huge issue for experienced modelers, but some would be happy to get such bonus.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Several kits in one box
  • Good decals


  • No diorama base

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