Kagero Operational History of Hungarian Armoured Troops (28)

This review is dedicated to Kagero Operational History of Hungarian Armoured Troops (28). As you can guess from the name, whole publication is dedicated to Hungarian army in WW2. This might be a useful read for modelers who would like to build one of these unusual tanks. Overall printing format is typical, book comes as softcover with 156 pages inside. Author is Peter Mujzer. Let's open this book and check everything together. I recommend to watch video-review above where I show more pages.
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First of all it should be noted that illustrations include not only old photos, but also some marking profiles and schemes. All these pictures will be handy for modelers too.

Separate chapter is given for explanatory schemes on how each unit was build up. By the way, on the photo below you can also see "fresh" color photos of Hungarian vehicles.

There are not that many color profiles, but still they might be handy as some food for thoughts. These pics can be used as the base for painting and weathering ideas.

Price will be set at 27GBP what is quite reasonable for such publication. It should be already available, but I would rather recommend to hurry if you want to get one. All 156 pages are literally filled with interesting information and it should be useful both for modelers and history fans. The only thing that can come handy is even more detailed guide on one specific type of the tank. Who knows, maybe in the future we would see such book from Kagero. :)

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