Helion&Co Long Range Desert Group

Today we are going to talk about Helion&Co Long Range Desert Group. This book comes as the fresh release from the well-known publisher. It might be interesting for those who would like to learn more about history of this special forces unit which was an inspiration for another famous element - SAS. Book comes as softcover with color print inside. There are more than 120 pages and now we have a chance to open it and take a closer look together.
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First of all we are going to start with contents page. Here you can see that book is divided into two parts with several chapters inside. Second part is more related to the modern times, while first one will tell us more about the history.

Inside you will find color illustrations together with black-and-white photos. Note that some of those color shots are take from research expedition undertaken relatively recently. 

I wouldn't call this book as gallery-book, but still there are plenty of useful photos. On the photo below you can see a small note about this publication.

New book should be already available for purchase. In my opinion it is a great read for all history fans who would like to learn a bit more about LRDG. Moreover, it is useful for modelers, as there is plenty of photos and valuable info which might be handy in some project. I am glad to see some "modern" photos included here as they help to feel the conditions in desert and also to find out what stayed put. New release is not a limited printing, but I would recommend to hurry as such books get sold out fast.

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