Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki RGV-Gamma XR89 (81)

Today's review is dedicated to Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki RGV-Gamma XR89 (81). This is not a new kit, but we didn't review it before, so I decided to take a closer look here. Moreover, I was interested to try building such model, and thought that Suzuki might be a good choice. Today's kit is also notable for its details as you get a lot of things for quite reasonable price. All this sounds good, but let's open this box and take a closer look together. Overall packaging is typical for Tamiya, each frame comes in the separate plastic bag.
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Watch this video-review where I show all parts even closer.

We are going to start with grey plastic sprue. Here you will find mix of various parts, but mostly those are elements for the engine of today's bike.

Suzuki RGV has quite large exhaust system, I would say this is one of the main features in the kit. Tamiya molded each as a large part which should be easy to assemble.

All external parts are molded out of white plastic. Here you can see some fairing panels as well as fuel tank halves. It is strange to see two-piece tank and one-piece front fairing on the photo below.

Well, yeah, front section comes as single-piece element and should save you from unnecessary issues. Later it should be put onto the model by spreading the side walls.

Kit also features black sprue. These parts feature special stand which might come handy for displaying the model, air intake sections and brake rotors. For brakes I would recommend to drill out all holes.

The last one is the chrome frame where you will get main frame sections as well as rear arm halves. Chrome plating looks good and might be left as it is on your model. Of course, the final decision is after you.

Just like any other Tamiya bike kit, this one features small screwdrivers, a lot of screws, vinyl tires and piping as well as metal spring and net for radiator. It is great to get all those things out of the box.

Clear frame looks fine and should be easy to work with. Tire stickers come on the separate sheet. These might be tricky to glue on the tire, so I would recommend to read the instructions.

Kit features two decals sheets. Both are printed by Tamiya, so quality is not that high. Moreover, a lot of decals will have to go around complex curves, so be ready to work with decals setting solution.

Kit offers choice of three markings for your bike. All manuals are shown on the photo below, but you can check each page in the video-review.

Today's kit looks like a good choice for modelers who would like to test their skills on bike models. It is not overcomplicated in my opinion and also offers great details out of the box. The only thing that might be worth replacing - decals. I still don't understand how Tamiya can offer such horrible quality out of the box. You would be better off by replacing those with some aftermarket set.


  • Nice molding quality
  • Crazy features out of the box
  • Vinyl pipes and screwdriver


  • Bad decals
  • No painting masks

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