Miniart 1/35 M3A5 Lee (35279)

This article is dedicated to Miniart 1/35 M3A5 Lee (35279). Today's kit comes as another model in WW2 Military Miniatures series and it actually continues line of American tanks in popular scale. Nevertheless, this time you will get kit without interior what might be interesting for some modelers who would like to focus on external features. Parts count is still impressive, so it will be interesting to open this box and take a careful look together. All parts are sealed in two bags, let's cut them and check what is inside.
By the way, here you can read review with figures set.
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Hull panels come on the first frame. They are detailed from both sides, but don't forget that today we deal with tank without any interior.

Of course, all hatches are molded separately, so you will be able to open them on your model. Such feature might come handy for figures placement.

On the left frame you can see track pads. Right frame carries various tools which will be placed on the tank.

M3 has separate suspension bogies, so be ready to work with these. Each drive sprocket should be glued out of two halves.

Hull panels come as separate parts. Note that some hatches are molded separately and can be opened on your model.

Here you can see roadwheels and some of the turret parts.

Parts count is big even in the version without interior, so be sure not to lose any of these parts. Molding quality looks nice.

Turret shell comes as single-piece part what should make assembly easier.

Track parts come sealed in the separate plastic bag. Note that there is no assembly jig in the kit, so you will have to be extra careful.

Clear frame comes in the separate plastic bag. Molding quality looks fine, but there are no masks or templates included.

Kit also features unpainted PE fret and decals sheet with all necessary symbols. You can see three markings on the photo below.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. I show all pages in the video-review.

New tank kit should be already available for purchase. In one box you will get a decent kit with nice features. Such release should be interesting for modelers who would like to focus on external features and save a bit of time by not working with interior. I really like what Miniart did here and such model should look great in the finished state.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Great decals
  • PE included


  • No mask templates for wheels

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