Miniart 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Krupp Grusonwerk (35330)

Today we are going to talk about Miniart 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Krupp Grusonwerk (35330). This is a new version of German tank in popular scale. Keep in mind that today's kit comes as Interior Kit, so there are more parts and fully detailed interior. This will be a serious project, but it should be worth it for some unusual build ideas. Packaging is standard for this brand, all parts come sealed in the same plastic bag. Let's open it and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with the version without interior.
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Watch this video-review where I show parts closer.

On the first sprue we see hull panels. These look fine, but you will have to keep track of alignment in order to get the right shape.

Overall molding quality looks fine on all of these parts. Nevertheless, be careful with thin elements because these might be tricky in handling.

Roadwheels are molded as single-piece parts, so you will have to use some template for painting. Note also two frames with various pioneer tools for this tank.

Yes, each ammo round comes as separate parts, so it will be a bit tedious process to paint and assemble these together. Here you can also see special assembly jig for tracks on your tank.

Some of those thin parts in the kit can be replaced with metal wire. Well, such "upgrade" can be handy for modelers who would like to copy bent parts.

Engine is a true masterpiece here, so don't even think about not displaying it on your model. I would recommend to do removable engine bay cover for ease of display.

The same should be said about interior - it would be a shame to hide it. Well, all hatches are openable, so you can use it for displaying purposes.

Here we see another set of pioneer tools and idlers. Note that clamps on tools can be replaced with PE parts which are also supplied in the kit.

On the photo above you can see more of the engine parts.

External armor for the turret is molded as plastic parts. I guess such design was used in order to avoid bending PE panels.

On some parts you will find casting marks, just like on the real tank. These should look good with some weathering added.

Thin supports will be used in order to hold external armor in place.

Track parts come separated into two plastic bags. Molding quality looks great and assembly process will be easy thanks to special assembly jig.

I like the molding quality in this kit, but it is better to be careful with small parts. Their count is truly impressive, so make sure you won't lose any of these.

Next we continue with more interior parts. It is safe to say that whole interior is a kit on its own. I wonder if we would ever see clear hull parts to display all this stuff.

Painting process will require some thoughtful planning in order to avoid problematic situations. This is a something what you should keep in mind while working with interior kits.

More drivetrain parts, yes all these will go inside your model. This is the reason you have to think through how to display them.

Turret should be glued out of separate panels. Note that external armor is also molded out of plastic. Stowage box can be assembled in open position.

Last grey frames bring us hull parts. Main gun barrel and muzzle brakes is molded as single-piece element, so it should look good on the finished model

Clear frame carries nicely molded periscopes and lenses. There are no masks included for these parts. Decals sheet comes from Decograph, so you don't have to worry about printing quality.

Yes, there are two PE frets included. One is dedicated to external armor and another one brings various parts for interior and exterior. Photo below shows four markings which come with this kit.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. You can check all pages in our video-review.

New kit comes as a great addition to Pz.IV line from Miniart. Interior kit is definitely more suitable for experienced modelers. Huge parts count will make beginners run away, plus PE parts might be tricky during installation because of their size. In other words, this is a nice project for experienced modelers who would like to build something even more detailed. Moreover, such kit might come handy for diorama builders. The only thing required from you - patience and some planning in order to paint whole interior.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Full interior
  • Great decals
  • PE included


  • Definitely for experienced modelers
  • No masks for clear parts and wheels

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