Planet Models 1/72 Zetor 25 (MV129) Build-Review

This article will tell you more about the project with tiny Zetor from Planet Models. Yes, this is a tractor from the famous Czech brand, and it is complete resin set with some minor PE elements. Overall idea looked cool in the box, so I decided to assemble one. Straightaway I can say that this is not a kit for beginners, but let's start with the first steps.
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Watch this video where I show even more steps from assembly process.

Size of the assembled tractor is not that big, and yet parts count is quite impressive. Just look at this thin driver seat which I managed to break during separation.

At least main chassis comes as single-piece part on which you will have to install additional elements. Note also drive belts which I replicated with masking tape.

Wheels can be assembled in two versions. I decided to go with "simpler" one. It is still necessary to clean up the cutouts in each wheel rim.

The overall fitment of parts is quite good, just be sure to dry-fit everything. Yes, PE parts are tiny, so it is good to have sharp tweezers.

You will also need metal wire in some spots. This adds even more features to the tiny Zetor.

Here the tractor is ready for layer of primer. Overall the fitment didn't bring any extra issues, but in some spots you have to install them with surgical precision.

There are no clear parts in the kit, so I had to drill out the headlamps for later detailing. Yes, I managed to break their supports and had to use metal wire instead.

It would be cool also to replace steering wheel, as the plain PE part is not exactly too realistic in its appearance.

I used filling primer from Gunze, and here you can see the result.

For the blue color I used paint from ICM. All recessed lines were picked with help of black wash.

Clear lenses replicated with help of clear lacquer method. In my opinion they look okay for this size.

Whole build turned out to be fun. Yes, tiny model is a bit tricky to handle sometimes, but the final result is worth it. Moreover, this Zetor might be a good addition for some diorama project. I didn't try to do some complex weathering here, but yet small model looks good in person and impresses with its size. For this price this is definitely a good pick, so if you are ready for working with such set - get it for your collection too. :) On the photos below you can see the finished result.


  • Interesting subject
  • Nice features out of the box
  • Tiny size


  • Tiny size
  • Some parts might be too tender during installation

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