ICM 1/35 Kozak 2 (35014)

This time we have a chance to talk about ICM 1/35 Kozak 2 (35014). Kit comes as new-tooled plastic from the famous brand. I can say it is a long-awaited novelty in popular scale, and it will be interesting to see what is actually copied here. Manufacturer promises full interior, and that might come handy for some diorama ideas in popular scale. Moreover, there are four markings and more than 400 parts, what sounds impressive. Assembled model will be around 20cm long. All parts come in one bag, so let's open it and take a closer look together.
By the way, here you can read review with quite big kit from the same brand.
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Watch this video where I show all parts even closer.

First frame is literally filled with various parts. Here you will find some interior elements as well as suspension parts.

Premolded features look great and should benefit from careful weathering. I also like fact that this kit includes large sprues which are easier to handle.

This frame comes in three pieces. You will find some parts for wheel rims, seats and even jerry cans. Various handles can be easily replaced with metal wire of the same thickness.

One-piece machine gun looks great and should be easier to work with. All doors are separate, and each one should be glued out of two panels.

Here you can also see some of the premolded badges, which can be also found on the front grille. Assembly manual shows all doors shut, but it would be a shame to assemble closed vehicle.

Large hull side panels should be also glued out of two parts. Here you can also see long floor panel which will have to be installed onto the chassis.

Dashboard looks great and will also get some decals for dials and buttons. I recommend to find some reference photos for fine details on this part.

Inside you will find some guiding slots for interior handles and seats.

Last grey sprue comes with right panel and bonnet. Yes, bonnet will be shut as there is no engine in the kit. Who knows, maybe some aftermarket brand will come up with upgrade set.

Front bumper is molded as single-piece part what should make assembly process easier.

There are two clear frames in the kit, each packed into separate bag. Molding quality looks fine, but there are no masks included.

Yes, Kozak-2 comes with vinyl tires. They look okay for standard build, but I hope we will see some aftermarket for this model.

Another unusual thing for ICM - PE fret. Unpainted PE parts will come handy for fine features on your model.

In case you missed this - there are paints available under the same brand. I recommend to check them because those colors are easy to brush and airbrush on your model.

Kit features three decals sheets with various symbols. Printing quality looks great, and yes - digital camo is here as well. :) You can see all four markings on the photo below.

Assembly manual is typical for this brand. I show all pages in the video-review.

This model should be already available for purchase. In my opinion Kozak-2 will be interesting for modeler who would like to build modern MRAP and don't want to work on typical subject. Moreover, full interior and separate doors make it very flexible for various diorama ideas. Out of the box you get a lot of things which should look great in the finished state. Nevertheless, it would be cool to see the engine included, but who knows, maybe it is a secret topic which couldn't be copied. I am also not sure why ICM shows closed doors in the assembly manual if they give you nice interior in the box. Moreover, let's hope that aftermarket will notice this kit and bring us some add-ons for even more details.
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  • Nice molding quality
  • Clever parts division
  • Interior included
  • Great decals


  • No masks or templates for clear parts
  • Vinyl tires
  • No engine

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